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CRC – the End of the Road? (No)

March 8, 2012

I thought the LibDems had a green agenda but suddenly we hear that Vince Cable wants the Treasury to scrap the Carbon Reduction Commitment in the budget. Maybe Chris Huhne’s departure means the green balance has shifted. Apparently, CRC is now just a tax that will add to the burden of business in these difficult […]

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CRC Registration – No decision on ATH Resources

January 23, 2012

ATH Resources is a coal mining company based in the northeast and has refused to register for CRC. The Environment Agency issued an enforcement notice and the company appealed. ATH operates the largest conveyor in Europe – over 12km long – which is a major consumer of electricity. Presumably they based their appeal on the […]

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The Performance League Table is here!

November 8, 2011

Finally, the long-awaited CRC Performance League Table is published. 25 organisations share the top spot, including three NHS hospitals, one university, the Department of Energy and Climate Change DECC – well, it had to, didn’t it? – and Manchester United Football Club. More to follow as we analyse the figures!    

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CRC Performance League Table – expected 24th October

November 6, 2011

The provisional date for publication of the CRC Performance League Table is 24th October 2011. At that date the rankings will all be made public. Many organisations are sincerely sceptical. The League Table is based only on the Early Action Metric – the installation of voluntary automatic meters (vAMRs) and achievement of the Carbon Trust […]

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Special offer on CRC Market Report

July 12, 2011

How are major organisations handling sustainability? Who are the leaders and the laggards? Where are the opportunities for working with them – and which sectors still don’t seem to have got the message?   Cambium LLP have released their CRC Market Research Report after profiling the 2,770 CRC participants by analysing some 60m data points.  Their […]

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Australia announces carbon tax

The Australian government has unveiled its plans for carbon taxation at A$23/tonne or £15, starting from next year. As with CRC only the largest companies are affected – for the moment. Unsurprisingly there is widespread opposition, particularly from mining and heavy industry. They claim that the tax will make industry uncompetitive and drive customers into […]

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Anthony Day in 2degrees CRC webinar

March 3, 2011

Anthony Day has been invited by 2degrees to be a presenter on next week’s webinar. The title is “First year CRC reporting and allowance purchasing – FAQ” It takes place next Wednesday morning, 9th March, and details are here. CRC has been beset by changes since it was first announced over two years ago. DECC is […]

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CRC Survey Report

December 20, 2010

The DECC consultation on the future of CRC closed on 17th December and Cyber Associates submitted the results of the two-minute survey for their consideration. You can download the report. The password is reporter. The link is here.

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Thames Water signs contract with Cyber Associates

December 16, 2010

Thames Water today signed a contract with Cyber Associates to monitor electricity consumption in three of their office buildings using the NoWatt super-smart metering system. Consumption will be monitored on each floor, and can be analysed down to the nearest minute. In practice the system will allow Thames to plot trends and identify areas of […]

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