Top Ten Tips for Sustainable Staff

July 29, 2009

Staff can make or break your sustainability plans. You need to respect their views and you need to provide them with information. Only then can you really motivate them. Here are our top 10 tips.

1. Align messages with your corporate commitment In other words – walk the talk. Make sure your policy is consistent both internally and externally – and seen to be so.
2. Provide an incentive
Maybe a bonus scheme, maybe an award ceremony, maybe both.
3. Choose an initiative that will reach everyone
Or let people choose their own challenges
4. Monitor progress
Otherwise how do people know what they’ve achieved?
5. Provide positive feedback
Thank-you may be enough; others may need a cash reward. Make it a win-win situation.
6. Provide resources to support action
Time can be as valuable as money
7. Be imaginative
Keep the ideas coming
8. Keep the momentum
Have a plan. There must always be the next success to strive for.
9. Continue to improve the process
Build on the knowledge gained from feedback
10. Empower people to get involved
The best way to ensure success in any field!