Climate Change Committee urges increased Renewable Energy

September 10, 2010

The Committee on Climate Change has advised Government to press on with its efforts to ensure that the share of renewable energy is increased from current low levels to 15% by 2020.

In a letter to the Secretary of State, Chris Huhne, the Committee said that the 15% target for 2020 should neither be reduced nor increased: the current ambition is desirable in that it would make an appropriate contribution towards meeting carbon budgets.

At the moment, only 3% of the energy that we use in the UK comes from renewable sources. A step change in the rate of progress is therefore required. The focus for Government should be on reducing delivery risks as a matter of urgency.

Chief Executive of the Committee on Climate Change, David Kennedy said:

“Ensuring that more of the energy we use is from renewable sources is vital for meeting carbon budgets. The current target is desirable, but there are significant risks around achieving it. We do not see any merit in raising this target further. Instead, Government should focus its efforts on meeting the current target, in particular by providing the right incentives to encourage investment in renewable energy projects in the UK”. 

Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change, Chris Huhne had requested that the Committee advise him on the level of the Government’s renewable energy ambition prior to publishing a broader review into renewable energy, which is due out in spring 2011.