Less than half participants have registered for CRC – Environment Agency

September 20, 2010

2,431 registered, 8 working days to go.

As at 20th September 2,431 organisations had registered as full participants in the CRC Energy Saving Scheme. Those who fail to meet the deadline are liable for a £5,000 fine plus £500 per day for 80 days or until registration is complete, and it looks certain that hundreds, if not thousands of organisations will fall into the overdue category.

Initially it was suggested that some 5,000 organisations would become full participants, but less than half have actually registered with less than two weeks to go. Last week the Environment Agency released figures to Cyber Associates indicating that the number of potential participants could be even higher. Their “List of potential CRC Consultees” contains 7,747 names. To be fair, there are some obvious duplications, some may be subsidiaries of others on the list and some may prove only to be information providers. Even so, you need to cut out 35% of the names on the list to get back to 5,000 and, as we have seen, less than half of those have so far registered.

Of course, there may be a “late run”. It’s true that there has been an increase in the weekly total registrations, but with an average of 200 per week and a high of 244 it’s unlikely that the total will reach even 3,000 by the September 30th deadline.

Now if 2,000 organisations are late and they are all fined the maximum £45,000 that’s a neat little £90m windfall for Mr Osborne. In the grand scheme of CRC of course, it’s a mere drop in the bucket!