CRC Performance League Table – expected 24th October

November 6, 2011

The provisional date for publication of the CRC Performance League Table is 24th October 2011. At that date the rankings will all be made public.

Many organisations are sincerely sceptical. The League Table is based only on the Early Action Metric – the installation of voluntary automatic meters (vAMRs) and achievement of the Carbon Trust Stadard or equivalent. They claim that while this is all part of the Environment Agency’s “name and shame” policy, it will in fact penalise some highly responsible organisations which are green in other ways. Conversely, organisations which might have a dreadful record for pollution or mismanagement of hazardous waste could still be ranked at the top of the CRC League Table.

There’s a serious risk of mixed and misleading messages. Organisations need to be ready to defend their reputation!