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EU Emissions Controls – conflict in the air?

March 12, 2012

Last week we had Vince Cable and the CBI calling for the Carbon Reduction Commitment to be scrapped in case it stifles economic growth. This week the airline industry – and the Americans and the Chinese – are lining up against the EU Emissions Trading Scheme. (EU ETS). The EU ETS has been around since […]

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CRC – the End of the Road? (No)

March 8, 2012

I thought the LibDems had a green agenda but suddenly we hear that Vince Cable wants the Treasury to scrap the Carbon Reduction Commitment in the budget. Maybe Chris Huhne’s departure means the green balance has shifted. Apparently, CRC is now just a tax that will add to the burden of business in these difficult […]

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CRC Registration – No decision on ATH Resources

January 23, 2012

ATH Resources is a coal mining company based in the northeast and has refused to register for CRC. The Environment Agency issued an enforcement notice and the company appealed. ATH operates the largest conveyor in Europe – over 12km long – which is a major consumer of electricity. Presumably they based their appeal on the […]

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