Planning to Survive

An Interactive Workshop for Senior Managers

Every organisation has a corporate plan, including a budget, a strategy and usually a forecast. This course uses scenario planning to put the corporate plan into the context of current reality. It gives delegates the techniques to assess how outcomes will change (often fundamentally) in response to changes in the economy at large. It trains them to prepare for extremes and therefore be ready to react appropriately to the future – whatever happens.

The course covers the effects of current challenges such as climate change, energy shortages, commodity prices and the credit crunch, but we will also look at the effects of technology and the law of unexpected consequences. Delegates will be encouraged to contribute their own experiences and case studies.

In order to maximise the befits from this course, delegates may log into a live web conference (included) one week after the course in order to review the learning points and exchange ideas.


This course is different from other programmes because:

• It relates planning techniques to the current economic reality

• It offers delegates a web conference follow-up session (which they can share with colleagues)

Delegates will want to attend because

• The course will help them guide and protect their businesses whether the global economy goes into recession, accelerates into growth or just carries on as normal..

The specific benefits/skills the delegates acquire will be the ability to:

• Identify the key decisions implicit in corporate plans

• Identify key forces

o In the global economy

o In the local economy

o Specifically affecting their organisations

• Rank outcomes according to risk and probability

• Draw up the three Parameter Scenarios

• Create a dynamic sustainable business strategy

• Select key indicators for constant review of assumptions and options

Optimise business performance in turbulent times

This event has been offered as a public course, but is also available as a tailored planning session for your board.