“Thanks again for a great webinar yesterday, we got very good attendee feedback from our post-event questionnaire.”

Bose Falk – 2degrees

Thanks for leading the [Carbon Reduction Commitment] webinar, Anthony – I think you did great job!

John Neame; MD, Enterprise Events

…Can I quickly take this opportunity to say how much I enjoyed the share session on Monday morning. It was extremely well chaired by yourself, and I found it very interesting, and in fact far more useful than any others I attended all day, so thank you!

Emma Salter, co2balance

“Thanks very much Anthony, this is really useful information.


I had been badgering our energy mgmt company for weeks over this issue, almost from the moment we had an idea of which buildings were moving over from the North Yorks and York PCT estate. Their answer was to ask me to spend £2,500 on a CRC training module instead of simply answering my question about the implications for the merger, which you have done more than ably.


Many thanks for your prompt response and helpful reply.”

Jason Mitchell, Leeds Partnerships NHS Foundation Trust

Once again, thanks for yesterday’s presentation on our first webinar. You were awesome and I think it went really well indeed.

Martyn James; Programme Development Manager, Low Carbon Best Practice Exchange

Just a quick e-mail to thank you for the session that you led yesterday. I found it very informative and you kept it very relevant to all there.

Paul Griffiths, NHS Kensington & Chelsea

Thank you very much for a stimulating and informative presentation on Wednesday. We all have our particular hobby-horses when it comes to environmental issues and it was interesting to hear the other side of the story and to have some of myths exploded.

Lucy Croucher, Managing Director, JSC International Ltd